Marijuana and CF


New member marijuana culture is sweeping the nation it seems, and there are tons of my school mates who smoke it. Out of curiosity, I wanted to do some research on it and stumbled across the following. I want to ask the following questions:
1. Is the study true?
2. Are there negative effects of smoking Marijauna, when someone has CF?
3. Do CF doctors test for THC when they test sputum?
4. Can someone with CF die earlier because they use marijuana (vaporize, eaten, smoked)?
5. Does marijuana really help loosen mucous?

This has interested me because there was a show on CNbC that was saying there are tons of good things about pot.


Great question. I am actually a persistent user of the drug, I haven't told my doctors and they don't know, it doesn't come back from what I can tell in mucus samples or even blood. I generally don't smoke, I eat brownies and my doctors actually have me on a marijuana pill to increase appetite due to my near anorexia. I am a 19 year old male and weigh just barely 100 pounds. To answer your questions, first off, I read the study and I have no clue if it's true, I've never heard of it before. I don't think the effects are as bad as cigarettes, but it depends on how you smoke it. Like a vaporizer is better than a bong, a bong is better than a pipe, and a pipe is better than a blunt. I've only smoked a pipe and a bong, the pipe didn't hurt my lungs but burnt my throat more, the bong I smoked with an ice cube and it works fine, it does make me cough, but hey, we all know coughing it out is better than letting it fester. If the pulmonary doctors check for THC, they don't tell you, because I have been worried about it before on sputum and blood tests, but the doctors never said anything when the results came back. I'm sure smoking marijuana has a negative effect, as does smoking anything would, on your lungs. As far as loosening the mucus, I don't know, it does irritate the lungs which makes you cough more, but the part I like the most is when you are high, it calms your breathing, and all the worries of your lungs just fade away. For me, I become mellow and chill, my breathing becomes slower and easier, not 100% if the depth of my breath increases or decreases, but if it does, there's little change so I can't tell. Hope this helps!


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djraitz: Like you, I weighed only around 100-110 lbs all through high school.
Right now, I weigh 120 lbs at age 48. For a while, I was up to 137 lbs. Here's how I did it: I drink one Coke a day. Not a 44 oz. Thirstbuster, one 12 oz can of Coke.
Every night before bed I'd eat at least 5 ginger snap cookies & a cup of milk. This was in addition to eating normally through the day.
I lost a lot of weight because I had a little 'setback' in Jan.-early Feb. I lost 30lbs when I got sick. Fortunately, I had some 'extra' weight to lose this time!
As for marijuana use. I have smoked marijuana, when I was much younger. I've eaten brownies, etc.
Since I have chronic pain issues, I'm going to contact my pain mgt team about medicinal use of marijuana.
I would not suggest you smoke if you use it. I'm not sure how I'll be able to ingest the THC without smoking. I guess when I find out, I'll let you know.
I am very serious about checking out marijuana for chronic pain.
Good luck to you, 'Pat'.


Mary J, actually is as effective against Pseudomonas Aeruginosa as Gentamicin (TOBI/Tobramycin's cousin) and nearly effective against MRSA against Vancomycin, but Mary J is hardly effective against molds such as Aspergillus Niger. HOWEVER, let it be known that, Mary J inhibits the lungs in any person the ability to fight bacteria naturally and to clean themselves properly. All that said occasional use even in a CF'er isn't a bad thing at all. Use a water bong or a vaporizer for safest consumption. You also have the added benefit of increased appetite as well as controlling nausea and lastly it is a bronchodilator like Xopenex and Albuterol are.