Medical Supplies


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I recently started the IV antibiotic Merrem to treat Mycobacterium avium (MAC Bacteria). I am so fortunate to have the medical insurance and coverage I do because they send me all the supplies I need AND MORE. I will be on this medication for 6-9 months and I am noticing the supplies are already starting to pile up, literally I have a pile of them. I have several "Dressing Change Tray" kits (comes with everything you would need to start ivs) and multiple "MiniLoc" infusaport needles sizes 22G - 3/4in & 1in! I do not use any of these supplies and I've told my company to stop sending them many times but they continue to. I go to my local hospital for needle changes weekly where they provide all of their supplies so mine at home just keep piling up. So, I come to all of my fellow CFers asking do any of you know where I can donate these supplies or are any of you in need of these? Feel free to reply or send me a message if you are interested in any of the products or would like more information on what I have. Thank you so much!