i took it for a while, but found it was not doing anything helpful for my body! I'm always 'pre-diabetic' on their tests. Which I have learned means we take a wait and see attitude not a treat it like you got it one. In my humble opinion, the less drugs i take the better off i am. I'm down to taking just trikafta and hydrochlorothiazide and some vitamins. it's what i do, doesn't mean anyone else should!


I tried Meformin... I just end up with low blood sugars... way lower than they should be. I took it for a few months to see if my body would get used to it but... Nope!!

I just counted my carbs, exercised and gave up desserts. My blood sugars starting being normal again. Counting carbs is lots of work but... it means one less medication to take and deal with the side effect.


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He did opt for Metformin rather than insulin as he was heading off to University. He seems to be doing well on it. He tends to have issues after having pasta or drinking more than one soda with sugar. Knows now to drink water or zero calorie.

Switching to adult CF care this summer so we'll see if the new clinic changes things around.