Moving to North Carolina


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My family is relocating to Jacksonville, NC from Arizona and I’m looking for some advice on the wisdom of this move. First of all, can anyone comment on moving from a dry climate to a humid climate and how that affects CF? More or less exacerbations, sinus infections, difficulty breathing?
About me: My lung function is about 45%. I work part-time and do fairly well. I do however struggle with water retention at times that makes me very short of breath. I also have diabetic neuropathy and high blood pressure. I am a mom, grandma and retired teacher.
Also how is the CF Center in Greenville? I believe that is the closest.


Round Rock, TX
From my daughter's experience when she was younger when she moved from Utah to Florida, it had no difference. However, I would not claim this is the same for everyone because I do not know. We did live in NC for awhile, and the CF clinic at UNC-Chapel Hill is excellent if you do not find the Greenville center suitable.