My Next Stem Cell Treatment, Need Your Help


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I am 53 and planning to go in for my 3rd adult stem cell treatment in Sept. Should be off oxygen by Thanksgiving as a result. I know another CF Warrior going in a couple of weeks, and can't wait to hear about her results in the next few months. Can't disclose her name, because most CF docs get hostile about this. I had to leave Nashville/Vandy for that very reason.
My CF doc in S. FL does not believe the stem cells work. He says, "You have no proof." But at least I can have an adult conversation with him. I told him that I am the proof. 3 years ago I had both feet in the grave with only weeks to live. 4 tuneups a year were doing me no good. And Cayston almost killed me. I have not needed a tuneup since Spring of 2011. I am getting my life back. Osteoporosis has been reversed, my immune system is stronger and I have not caught cold or had any exacerbations in over 2 yrs. What more proof does he need. I am holding onto my slalom water ski because I plan on being able to ski again one day. That ski has not seen water in over 15 years.
I plan on getting him (my CF doc) involved in this next treatment, so he can do what he needs to have proof. Still raising funds for the cost of the treatment. Please share my YouCaring site to help.
After we raise the funds for my treatment, I hope to raise money so others can get the same treatment, but I will need lots of help for that project. We need to raise millions to help every CF patient who wants to get adult stem cell treatments.


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Angelo, i am interested in some info on this also. Could you email me, or if you have facebook add me Debbie Flad. My son is 24 with CF and hasnt been doing too well. I thought stem cell therapy was only in the European states right now. Looking forward to hearing how you are doing