Nasal administration of antibiotics. With most Cfers we have pseudomonas in our sinus


Does anyone do nasal administration of antibiotics? If so would you mind sharing what antibiotic or antibiotics and much, mg etc. as well how it is administered in how much saline or distilled water.
Do you mix your solution or does a pharmacy?
Thanks for sharing!


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I tried gentamicin in my sinus rinse. Prescribed a vial that I used a syringe to take out the amount and add to my rinse. I did not continue since it was not effective. I had better luck with nebulized antibiotics - breathing through my nose as well. I have read where people get their sinuses flushed with antibiotics periodically by their ENT. Recently, I changed sinus rinse to ChitoRhino packets along with nasalcrom spray and it has been working for me. Good luck


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I seem to recall once upon a time someone using a sinus nebulizer. Looked like a regular pari compressor and neb cup one held up to their noses. Also previous posts on putting tobramycin in a sinus rinse, but not sure how much or how it was administered.