Natural Rinse Agent in Dishwasher for Cleaning Nebulizer Parts


New member
Has anyone considered how the rinse agent (like Jet-Dry) in the dishwasher remains on our CFers nebulizer parts? We stopped using a rinse agent, and all our dishes now have soap spots. We currently rinse the soap off the nebulizer pieces, but I am now considering using a natural rinse agent. However, I'm not sure if that substance will contaminate the lungs.

Has anyone done any research on this topic? We're pretty sold on washing nebulizer parts in the dishwasher since it is easier.


Staff member
I don't know about in the dishwasher, but I've used vinegar to rinse nebs prior to boiling to get calcium deposits off them when I'm at the lake where we have hard water or when our softener wasn't working.