Need friends as I struggle thru this thing called life

Hannah Poiry

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Hi :) My name is Hannah, I'm 17 and I have cf df508. I've always loved to talk to people about all the things that go on with having cf. Going through a bit of a rough patch in life right now, like I'm fighting a battle that I can't win. so I would love to talk to some people that maybe feel the same way.


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Hi Hannah, I'm Brittany. I'm double df508. I'd love to talk with you. I went through some tough spots beginning when I was about 17. I can PM you email, if you'd like.


Hi Hannah, I'm Chuck. I'm double df508. I will privite message you my FB.


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I am Mike, all of us CFers go through rough patches. Its great that you are seeking someone to talk to about your rough time. You have chosen a great place. You can message me anytime and I am more then willing to help ya through the bump in the road. I am 31, and had a transplant just shy of 14 months ago. I have gone through almost everything you are and will go through. But if its female aspect you seek, obviously since I am male, won't be as good of help.
Hope all is well



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Hi Hannah

I would like to be your friend too. CF is really tough and every CFighter needs all the support they can get. I am 38 and still don't have it all figured out. It is easy to get discouraged, so surround yourself with genuinely supportive people. I no longer work full time and find being at home most of the time depressing, so I just signed up for 2 community college classes and have finally found a new therapist, so I can get out more, but only did so after my social worker prompted me to. When you are sick, depression is never far behind and it is a natural human reaction to isolate oneself when you are sick and depressed. Even though to get better, you need to do the opposite.

Feel free to message me any time.



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Hey Hannah, you're not alone, we all have tough times, especially in the teen years. I'm ddf508, 43, 2 kids. Would love to chat or answer questions. And CF is not a hopeless battle. You win every day with how you conduct your life against the odds. :D Thats my thinking now, but as a teen, I did have some suicidal thoughts and severe depression, so I have an idea of the dark side of CF too. I found counciling helpful. Even now as an adult, I still like to see someone during rough stretches to stay grounded and positive. I know can be very hard some days, but remember that there are a lot of other people pulling for you to succeed. Including everyone on this board (L)