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So I'm having issues with coughing up blood anytime I get my heart rate up. It's annoying and some of the most basic exercises set it off. I can't lay on my back at all and doing yoga even makes it happen...even the most low key poses. My doctors have looked at the vein that is causing it and since it's not a huge bleed, they are hesitant to fix it because it might make things worse, so we are just watching it at this point. I really want to work out and get stronger but the bleeding is preventing me from doing that. It's also making me miss meds because of the coughing up blood protocol. Does anyone have any tips or exercise ideas that I can do to help me? Keep in mind I live in Ohio so walking outside is not exactly an option here right now. I'm also doing long term IV meds at home so going to the gym is not an option for me. Thanks guys!


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Hi Kenna,
Sorry to hear about the hemoptysis. I’m not sure if you have the space or the budget for this, but thought walking on a treadmill might be an option. Walking at a slow pace for longer periods wouldn’t increase heart rate too much, but would still give you some exercise. Some have features that track your heart rate so you could monitor it to make sure it’s not getting too high. I recently bought one on Craig’s list, which worked out great because it was reasonably priced and it was already assembled. It does take up a lot of space though!
Exercises using sandbag weights that you strap around your ankles and wrists. I used to use these when I went to pulmonary rehab. I've seen them at Walmart.
Also thought maybe chair yoga since that doesn’t require you to lay flat.
Hope you find a solution.


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Is the bleeding related to increased heart rate or dry air. I used to live in Ohio and when I would exercise outside in the winter I sometimes got chest pains from the dry air. If you did weight based exercises it might not raise your heart rate as high as aerobic exercise and if you did it inside near a humidifier maybe that would help.


The bleeding happens because of increased heart rate, air doesn't make a difference. I have never been able to work out outside in Ohio's cold winter're amazing for that!!


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I hope you feel better. Any type of exercise will will increase your heart rate. Whether you do at the gym or home. Im 40 y.o cfer. I have a 9 month old boy and happily married. I know that this may be repetitive but control your breathing. I through your nose out through the mouth. As for the exercise: legs do lunges and squats. chest and arms do push ups and dumb-bells (can food/milk jugs) as for the set and repetition start low and slow.