New technique to detect oesophageal cancer - "Sponge test"


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It is good to hear that the people who are suffering with oesophageal cancer, now there is a new technique which is named as "Sponge test".Nearly 8000 people a year are getting effected by this oesophageal cancer in UK.With this new "Sponge test" can able to detect the people suffering with oesophageal caner or not.


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Anything that makes testing for esophageal cancer easier and more accessible gets my vote! Somehow swallowing a sponge tethered to a string doesn't conjure warm and fuzzy images. Undoubtedly there's advantages of speed, cost and convenience to the test, encouraging doctors and patients to proceed with a test.

My uncle, two close friends and my GP's nurse of fifteen years all developed esophageal cancer. Only one close friend survived. Talk about a silent killer. My uncle was the only smoker and all were well educated, two worked with doctors and every single one of them were discovered at stage four.

CFer's who don't need to be examined with occasional upper endoscopy or colonoscopy probably should be on some schedule for these exams. CF is hard on the GI tract and a baseline upper and lower scope isn't a bad idea.

Here's hoping the test is a hit!