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Hey how are you I’m Matthew I’m from the uk I’m 20 and I’ve got cf,cfrd and anxiety just looking to talking to someone that know how and what it feels like as don’t know anyone else around my age that has cf so I feel alone in a way but hopefully not for much longer I have Snapchat and Skype if anyone else does to and wants to add each other on it
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Hi Matthew. Sorry to hear you're feeling alone. CF can be such an isolating disease. There's a CF discord where you'll be able to connect with others with CF that can relate to what you're feeling.
I'm not a member, but heard positive things about it.
"CF Discord is a place where you can socialize with others through text and voice. Play games, ask questions, or just chat for a bit."


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Hi Matthew! Sorry to hear you are having a hard time. I helped to create a YouTube channel for this exact reason! We are a collaborative YouTube channel where 6 different people, all who have cf, upload videos on various topics related to cf so that you can listen to what others are going through and their thoughts! It may help you feel less alone as that was our goal! My name is Chelsea and I am one of the 6 collaborators! You can find us on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram by searching staying salty :) or here as well