Newborn just diagnosed and I M FREAKIN OUT


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I'm a terrible housekeeper; however, we do wash hands when we come in from outside, before eating, before I touch DS' meds, food or nebs, which is a good habit everyone should get into. I never really paid that much attention until DS was born.

We did have a rule that if anyone wanted to hold ds as a baby, they had to wash their hands and they couldn't be sick. Constantly amazed at the number of people who want to see a new baby and say they "just have a cold" or "allergies" and it's a nasty productive cough.

DS threw me for a loop a few times when he told me that he found gum on the playground. Or didn't wash his hands before having a snack after visiting the petting zoo with friends. Bleah! How does one deal with that hours after it happens, let alone immediately after it happens. Not like we can sanitize him for something like that. He survived (didn't get sick), I got a few more gray hairs. :)


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So we got our sweat tests back. Rowan's was 120, should've seen that comin but I was secretly hoping the number was low. Tristan and Reese's came back low teens so that's good. So we are definitely on this journey with all of u!


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Sending you hugs and prayers. Take it at your own pace--this process is different for everyone and you're entitled to all of your emotions. But know it will get easier and that CF will never overshadow the love.