Nissen surgery for teen girls


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My daughter, almost 16, has been struggling with severe reflux for awhile. It has cost her significant lung function. They are recommending she have Nissen surgery but she is very hesitant. As a teen girl, additional scars is a very traumatic thought. She is concnered that the 6 laprocopic incisions will leave disfiguring scars on the only part of her body that has not been scared by CF. Can any other teen girls, or moms of teen girls, who have had this procedure tell me their thoughts on the procedure; and would you be willing to share any post op pics? They are wanting to schedule soon, so time is of the essence. Also, other than medications (which have not worked), are there any other options that we should be considering?


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Hi, my name is megan lol and I am 24 with CF. I had the nissens done around that age of your daughter. The scars are so microscopic, they are almost hard to find. Its like four teeny dots for scars. I do remember tho for a while after the surgery I couldnt eat very much at once. I was used to scarffing my food down and I had to totally change iand only eat little by little, which isnt always good for an active teenage girl but i no longer deal with the acid reflex lik at all at all. Now, almost 10 years later I always have to have a good ammount of liquid with my meals just to keep food flowing in the rit direction. I hardly remember the recovery from it, but Im pretty sure it was one of the easier ones lol. I got scars all over from CF, pic lines, ports, nissen and the nissen is so much smaller than the others. I barely, see them anymore. I hope this helped, ask any other questions if you need to.



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My 15 year old DD got the Nissen fundo when she was 7. VERY small scars. You can hardly see them. She had horrible nausea and retching problems post-surgery though and couldn't eat for a long time. It was a nightmare, but apparently very rare. She had to go on TPN and lipids for 3 months until the nausea finally improved. Again, rare. She can't eat a huge volume of food still because of the surgery, so consider more frequent and smaller yet high calorie meals. Even going through what she did, her lungs are in amazing shape now!!!