Not negative and not positive sweat test..


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My 3 week old daughter recently had to get a sweat test due to results of her newborn screening. When the results came back her doctor explained that her numbers are elevated 37 and 39 but that they cannot determine that she does or does not have CF right now. She had to get blood work done but it may take up to 3 weeks to get those results back. Is anyone familiar with a “neutral sweat test result” and what this means.. what signs I should look out for or anything?


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DS had a sweat test of 32 at 3 weeks.

He was already in the hospital due to a bowel obstruction caused by meconium ileus, with suspected cf. Basically his issues were digestive -- very loose stools, reflux and he had very thick sinus mucus. This was before newborn screening. He did have a blood test, which tested for only about 100 cf mutations and was found to have one of the most common.

We were told that with very teeny tiny babies, it's difficult to get an accurate sample until they're a bit older. Later on, when we'd kiss his forehead, our lips would almost burn due to the very, very salty taste. And I suspect later sweat tests, had they done them, would show a much higher result. He sweats a ton of salt in the summer to the extent his caps and shirts have white, salt stains on them.
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