On line support for caregivers of stroke victim?


Community: My high school friend Dennis's wife had a stroke almost 2 years ago. She had worthless care in a system that failed every step of the way. Dennis is frantic, asking all his friends for help....
Well I was sure, I could find a good on line support group (like ours) only for stroke victims and their caregivers.
Well after a half our of searching on line and FB, I found nothing worth while!
Do any of you have any suggestions for an online group?
Thanks in advance!


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Not sure about other online support, but we went through something similar with my mother-in-law with a brain injury. We ended up going with home health care paid for by Medicare. Although it is a pain at times, we avoided the nightmarish Alzheimer nursing homes.


Thanks for the suggestions...I passed them on! Wow Heather, I'm glad you are better.
I think Dennis used up a lot of the home healthcare Medicare allotment here in NJ.
He is just angry with the system.