Organic Pancreatic Enzymes - our personal experience


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Hi All,

I'm brand new to this forum and wanted to share our particular experience with an organic pancreatic enzyme. My husband was diagnosed with CF in infancy, and is now 47 years old. His particular mutation is F508/G542x.

Over the years he's tried multiple medical digestive enzymes (Creon, Viokase, Pancrease etc.) that have caused severe digestive and abdominal distress. He was on these enzymes full-time from early childhood to his early twenties, and constantly dealt with the excessively greasy stools and complete pain. Unfortunately, this completely turned him off the enzymes. Once out from under his parents' supervision, he stopped taking the enzymes and found that he felt better. For a number of years he was able to maintain weight by having a very large appetite and forcing himself to eat more, high fat meals which led to bulky stools. The doctors recommended adding PPIs etc. to his regimen in order to allow his body to tolerate the enzymes. He absolutely refused due to a previous negative experience with PPIs. Two years ago, he started to lose weight, and he was unable to maintain his weight, even with his healthy appetite. Last year, his weight loss got bad enough that it was a cause of malnutrition which led to a bout of shingles and a particularly scary illness period. His vitamins, minerals etc. were quite low and we had to try something different.

We have been doing a lot of alternative work to help us and improve our lifestyle, and in that vein we started looking for a pharmaceutical strength pancreatic enzyme replacement that did not have the side-effects of the above-mentioned products.
We ran into Dr. Ron's Ultra-Pure company, and specifically the "Pancreas" supplements ( ). I can't tell you how much this supplement changed our life. He felt the difference quite literally from the first dose. He would have atrocious acid after every meal (especially if it was high fat), and it was like the acid was immediately eliminated with the enzymes. We had to mess around with the dosages for the first month, but we've ended up with around 8 pills per meal. He has gained 7 kg (7 kg!!!!) which was absolutely out of this world for us. His iron and vitamin D levels are slowly climbing and he's been able to have more energy to be more active again. He has tolerated the enzyme perfectly and has had zero side-effects from it. No need for PPIs, no cramps, no intestinal spasms, nothing. Also, his stools are more formed, non-greasy and less fatty.

Let me be clear. We get absolutely no compensation and no benefit from recommending this to the group. Actually, we wiped out their enzyme supply in February of this year, and it is my understanding that they've just been able to restock. So I'm worried about stock supplies dwindling :). Apparently, this company is completely unaware of the potential benefit of this enzyme supplement to the CF community, so they haven't been doing any outreach with the community. We just want to share this absolute golden find with everyone in this community in the spirit of sharing and the fact that these forums have been such a god-send of information and help in hard times.

Please feel free to message me if you have any questions.