Other forms of treatment?


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Does anyone do anything creative or different with their therapy and medication aside from vest and nebuliser? Those seem to be the gold standard but I'd like to know if anyone uses their own techniques


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As a kid I played trumpet, one my CF brothers sang in choir, and the other played saxophone. I don't suppose these would replace nebs or ACT but they do make an enjoyable supplement. There is a lot to be learned about breathing by playing a wind instrument. With the air moving and vibrations how could it not help? Plus making music feels good mentally (which is an often overlooked part of CF treatment).

Now I supplement a little with yoga and exercise. Again the breathing control learned with yoga feels similar to active cycle breathing. I'm sure you could add a huff cough to yoga and get some amount of clearance.
Sometimes my son includes the Flutter Valve. He used to ride his stationary bike but quit doing that when he coughed up blood about a year or so ago. He hiked in the Tetons in the early Fall and went on a 12 mile hike. Pretty exciting. He saw one bear but was with other people clapping their hands hard occasionally to scare any bears off. Was very cool as he loves to hike.
we use Quacke and Acapella along with active breathing and puffs - but we're leanning - we mix thhe technics - hand clappinga, breathing and huffs then quacke....and also alot of sports