Overnight feeds of infants leading to SUPER WET mornings


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Hey all-
I wasn't sure where to post this... thought "families" was my best bet. I have 9 month old twins who are on overnight feeds through an ng (soon to be g tube). Despite all efforts they wet the beds through their diaps EVERYDAY. WE use cloth diapers religiously with inserts at night- but I even tried disposables hoping it would help. I tried changing them in the middle of the night- but the movement caused them to vomit (thank you acid reflux). The wet bed seemed like the lesser of the two evils. Any suggestions of things that have worked for your little ones?


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Have you elevated their beds on one end or do you use an acid reducer such as zantac. That's what we did with ds when he was a baby. Still would vomit from time to time, but not as bad. He wasn't tube fed; however, I found certain diapers were AWFUL. I used huggies at first, but he was always getting soaking wet, was almost as if I didn't use a diaper at all. Switched to pampers swaddlers and then to cruisers and rarely had an issue.