Pediatrician vs. Familly Practice


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Hi everyone!

I put this in the off topic section because I am asking in regards to my 2, almost 3, year old daughter who does not have CF. I just figured this forum is a great place to ask since the parents of CFers have lots of experience with doctors.

As many of you have probably read in my other posts, we just moved from Nebraska to Texas. In Nebraska my daughter had a pediatrician. Her pedi recommended making sure her next pediatrician is a member of the American Academy of Pediatrics. However, I'm thinking that since my husband and I need a doctor here as well, it might make sense to go to a family practice where we can all see the same doc. So my question is, do you feel that is is super important that she sees an actual pediatrician, or is a family doc most likely able to serve her just as well? Other than the fact that a pediatrician is specifically for children, are there any other advantages? I'm basically just wanting to make sure I'm not being irresponsible if I switch to a family physician. I'm assuming that "family" physicians also see children very frequently, so they have a lot of experience.

Anyway, I'm having a hard time making the decision and looking for some support. I'm wanting to make some phone calls this week and make sure I get her in by her 3rd birthday for her annual well-child check, which is the end of October.

If anyone has any thoughts/feelings/opions I'd appreciate it. :)


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I would definitely opt for a pediatrician if possible. I have 3 children (8,13,15) with no CF. My second child was delivered by a family doctor (I had just moved) and was seen by their family practice for the first year. Looking back I feel like Pediatricians are just more in tune with the developmental stages and ask better questions. Just my thoughts from my experience.


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My thoughts - children are not just small people. Their systems function differently. It's like having brain surgery by a General Practitioner. All docs are licensed to perform surgery, but is that who you want cutting into your brain? Not me! But it's your choice.


I work at a primary care office, we see children ages 2 and up, but we don't carry the immunizations that children require so the kids we see have to then go to the health department or pharmacy to get their shots. My children go to a pediatrician. In order to be a pediatric dr you have to go to more school than just being a primary doctor. My children were both born via c section and that required my surgeon and not only my pcp but a pediatrician in the OR just for the baby. I also think they have kid sized equipment and are used to handling little kid illnesses, and nervous parents more than a pcp. Same reason we have children's hospitals. The staff and care providers are at ease with children.


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Thanks a bunch everyone, I really appreciated it! I did go ahead and find a pediatrician.

It was no easy task. :( I had one in mind that I had heard good things about. Well, they were not accepting new patients, and said they hadn't in two years. Yikes. So I had to go back to the drawing board. Long story short, about the 4th or 5th place I called finally took us. Evidently there is a shortage of doctors here. Ugh.

Anyway, she goes in for her 3 year check-up the end of October, so hopefully we like the doc/practice!

Thanks again everyone, you really helped make my decision easy!