Peeling fingernail tips


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Peeling fingernail

Anyone know what causes fingernails to peel/fray at the tips? It seems like the top layer slowly chips off or something. I've noticed this on and off for as long as I can remember with my 9 yr old daughter.
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It's usually due to an iron deficiency(that's the most common). A change in diet can help or get a nail polish strengthener. Sally Hansen makes one and it's the best.


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Wow! I have often wondered if nail health is a nutritional issue but really was too lazy to get scientific about it. From as long as I can remember, gelatin was my mother's treatment for leg cramps​ and nail health. Amazing how iron is good for nails and leg cramps​. It's a family thing in my case, my little sister was frequently woken by "egg lakes". Think like a 4 year old and you'll get it.

My problem is what I get my hands into, solvents​. Acetone sucks the life out of my nails and many OTC rubbing alcohol and similar products​ contain acetone or something like it that dries nails and then the problems begin. Nails splitting or peeling off in layers like so much mica make for nails that snag on everything and my nails end up way too short. I use "Gelous" nail gel coat or "Nail Life" nail revitalizer​. Being a guy, I have to defer to people who are the best experts, women. I am going on the advice of the ladies at Sally's beauty supply. I wouldn't know nail polish from lip gloss on my own. Sort of. I've had my toenails and finger nails done as many times a big brother could tolerate. I used paint thinner to get my nails clean of powder pink nail polish or whatever.

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My daughter doesnt have a problem with nails, but I have had a problem with peeling/splitting nails for a while and recently found out I had a vitamin B deficiency (mainly Boitin). Much better since taking supplements.


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My nails peel too! Not sure if I've ever mentioned it to the cf doc as I just assumed it was normal? Apparently not ha! I have been low on iron a number of years ago and then more recently when I was pregnant, but the nail issue has persisted even when iron levels were within normal ranges. I do have chronically low Vit. D levels and take a high dose supplement for that.