People with Cf can make a wish at make a wish foundation?!?


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I never knew this! I'm very healthy, so would this exempt me from participating? If not, how do I do this and what are the limit of a wish? Like can they grant me the wish to going to culinary school or going on a world wide trip to different countries?


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As far as I know, as long as you have a terminal illness and are under the age of 18, you can get a wish.

I don't believe they will pay for culinary school, but for international trips you will have to go with a different charity. Last I knew, Make A Wish is only for US wishes.


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Yes! I applied last year for my son but he was denied because his PFTs were above 70. Thank you Lord for that! But a few weeks ago I received an email from the dr who said they have changed the criteria. They resubmitted the application and we received notification a couple of weeks ago that my son was granted a wish. Check their website for the wishes granted.


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Make-A-Wish fulfills wishes for children between the ages of 2 1/2 and who are living with life-threatening medical conditions. Under Make-A-Wish’s new guidance for cysticfibrosis eligibility, all children who have cystic fibrosis with respiratory involvementare medically eligible for a wish. Children who had been referred previouslyand deemed ineligible may be re-referred. Please know that, in order to beeligible for a wish, a child must not have received a prior wish from Make-A-Wish or any otherwish-granting organization. Visit the foundation at for more information, to find a chapter in your area, or to refer online.


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Absolutely. My son went to Florida a year ago with Make-a-Wish. He has been is pretty good health his whole life. Never been in the hospital. It was so special.


the 17 yo did make a wish last April... we went to Borneo to an Orangutan sanctuary... it was unbelievable!! I know they won't pay your bills, give you money or get you a car... not sure about culinary.. my guess would be probably not but you never know!


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Your wish is usually limited to a dollar value of $6000. My son was granted a wish his senior year. He received a outdoor basketball court. It was a really good experience. Plus the court helps keep his lung function and endurance up.