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Hi Everyone,
I am a physical therapist with CF, needing some guidance on avoiding patient contact with colds. Is anyone else a PT or have experience in the healthcare field, and if so what are tactics you have used to avoid getting sick when patients come in with a nice, fresh cold?;)

Healthy wishes,


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That has to be frustrating! If you work at a center with more than 15 employees I'd suggest contacting HR about a reasonable accommodation to avoid contact with sick patients. If not wanting to do that, I'd just wear an N95 mask, Purell after and use hospital grade wipes. Good luck.


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Do you work with a facility with 15 or more employees and more than one PT? If so, I'd suggest working with the HR department to obtain a reasonable accommodation to avoid contact with them. If not, then I'd get some masks, Purell, and hospital grade wipes for after.


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If they are unable to grant your needs as aboveallislove mentioned definitely a mask and gloves too! Maybe change into different clothes when you arrive home from work? I hope you can find a workable solution!



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Hi Meghan,

I do not have CF but my child does. I am a Nurse as well. A couple things, my place of employment post signs saying any visitor who have flu symptoms, cough etc should use purell and wear a mask. We have masks upon entrance and Purell there too. Also, I had PT myself and the physical therapist asked me to purell my hands at the beginning of each session. I was not even sick; I think it was for all patients.

If you see someone has an obvious cold; you should wear a mask. We wear masks all the time in the hospital especially during flu season. IT's a Norm. Also, shower after work and change clothes. HTH