pickles anyone?


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I like pickles. Not only because its good taste but also it health benefits. Pickles supply your body with antioxidants to fight against risky effects of free radicals. Another among top health benefits of pickles is its effectiveness to enhance your digestion by supporting good bacteria. Probiotic bacteria play an important role in the food digestion. Nevertheless, in some cases, antiobiotics might eradicate these bacteria. It is true that one of the best health benefits of pickles is to support your immunity considerably. Many studies have confirmed the link between the supplement of vitamin C and a stronger immune system.
However, the excessive consumption of pickles might trigger some digestive problems, namely, diarrhea or stomach pain. On the other hand, the high content of sodium and salt in pickles may cause you to suffer from bloating, water retention or swelling.


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My child has me save the pickle juice and make Popsicles out of it. Ghastly, but he loves it. Most people wcf crave, need more salt. Ds has a salt shaker in my car, various ones around so he can take hits off it when he's sweating out more salt. His doctor indicated as long as he gets adequate water, too, it's not a concern.


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There is pickled flavors for everything! Dill pickle soup, popsicles, chips, pickle juice and even pickle chap stick! LOL Not sure about the chap stick.