Please help me understand



Amplified on my Amber test was 3849+10kbc>T and R668C now My Daughter who I gave up for adoption has been in contact with me for 2 years since then she has had 2 collapsed lungs but this latest was really bad she stopped breathing they did testing on the most common genes and said no CF but with this 2 collapsed lung they see blebs on her lungs which said she will have more problems we are trying to get a full panel to rule out Cf but with no insurance this is going to be a huge problem.My Question if any one can help me understand is what does R668C affect and how can I understand more about the effects of it!!!I would love to understand but it is so hard to understand,Can anyone help me help My daughter they have ruled out 3849+ but she must have the R668C and maybe another rare mutation if her father who has passed .Trying to understand !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!