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Hi guys, Im having a really tough time with something. My regular doctor recently retired and Im left with getting a new doc and this nurse practitioner that used to work real close with my doctor. She has always been completely rude and mean to me but I was ok with it because I knew my doc had the final say and he liked me. She pushy and judgment towards me and we have NEVER seen eye to eye on anything!!! She is always trying to find something to make my life a little more difficult, or this is how I feel.

Ill cut to the chase tho, I was coughing up a lot of blood to where I needed lung embolization surgery. That went well and Ive had it done b4 but Im experiencing more pain then I remember. My whole chest hurts when I breathe in or cough and yesterday the site of where they went in hurt as well. They gave me a 50mg tablet of tramadol yesterday after a few hours of me complaining. THAT DID ABSOLUTLY NOTHIN!!! After sending another page to the doc after that they never replied. So this AM, my nurse practitioner b**** said fine I will up it to 3 times a day and alternate with Tylenol, another thing that has never worked for me. So I went to find out when my next chance to take the tramadol because Im hurting bad and the nurse tells me its still only every 8 hours. I bawled my eyes out to my NP and we had a long talk so I doubt she just forgot. I need advice! Has anyone dealt with this b4 or a doctor they didn't like? Have you had doctors that don't like pain meds so there for they wont give em to you. Any legal advice? It cant be legal to let someone suffer like this. God I hate this life!!!


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As you know, ND has only one Adult Clinic. You have two choices, either go out of State or wait until a new Doctor is hired.



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IMO go out of state. Depending upon your location... there are a number of us in ND who go to Minneapolis, some in the western part of the state go to Denver and there are even a handful who go to SD. Meanwhile, I would ask that they write a note in your FILE that the patient requested additional pain medication and it was denied because.... We had a pulmonologist that was absolutely horrid and it got to the point where we told ds' regular cf doctor that we refused to deal with him and why.


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Thanks guys, im just so torn bc Ive been going to this hospital since I was diagnosed. And I usually go to Minneapolis as much as I can, but with winter and money costs its hard to get there :( I wish I could have enough money to do a lot of my medical needs (sigh) lol