please tell me about the sore throat remedies?????


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hey i am having lot off pain in my throat,sneezing, coughing, difficulty in swallowing anything, vomiting, fatigue and

diarrhea is these are symptoms of any disease somebody told me that these are symptoms of sore throat?? is this true please

give me more information about this and how to cure it???is this disease caused because of transmission because few days

ago my friend suffering from same disease and now i am feeling the same problem????please give me some suggestions????


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Have you had glandular fever (also called "infectious mononucleosis")? This could be the reason for the symptoms you describe, but you would need a blood test to confirm. I suggest visiting your doctor today. Gargling with salt water every 3 hours and taking soluble asprin is very helpful. Sucking on garlic and honey is also very effective for a sore throat. Hope you feel better soon.


strep throat are usually more common in children but it occurs because of bacteria and viruses and as you mention that you are suffering from fever and pain in your throat you need proper medication and need to consult a doctor.If pain and fever increases you need to take Gargling with cayenne pepper,hot water,Sucking on garlic and honey is also very effective for a sore throat and i hope you feel better soon.Also i have read a very good article about strep throat here is the link you can get more information from that site..
hope you will feel better soon.