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Hi everyone! I am relatively new to this forum, and wanted to introduce myself. My name is Meg and I am a young-20s CFer with DDF508. I started a blog on positivity and CF, including topics on exercise, eating well, and mental wellness, and other fun topics. The Facebook page for CF has gotten very depressing & negative, and I think we need some light on the topic.
It was actually quite difficult for me to start this blog--CF is not my most open topic, since I consider it only a small part of who I am. However, with all the negativity on this topic, I think we need some positivity on the subject--what do you think? If you need an uplift to your day, feel free to check it out.

Keep Breathing and Beating,


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Great idea! I have a bunch of that in my Spanish blog, fiquiviajera.blogspot.com. Keep up the good mood! It improves the immune system. :)


Very cool! Thanks for sharing, Meg! (I especially liked the "Adults over 50" part!)


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Thanks for the support everyone! Tisha, if I was fluent in Spanish I would certainly read your blog!, keep the positivity up! very awesome that you have similar stuff in there! Keep it up guys!

Deirdre Kay

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Positivity is everything!!! I have often found CF forums to quickly become negative, and that's not the way to go about it! Thanks for sharing your blog! :)