Possible new way to fight lung infections


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Check out this article.


A study done in collaboration with the University of Washington found that using a metallic "Trojan Horse" - tricking the bacteria by replacing the iron they need from their environment with the metallic element gallium - can ki ll bacteria.

The study will appear in the April 2 issue of the Journal of Clinical Investigation.

The UC team headed by Bradley Britigan, MD, chairman of the internal medicine department at UC and staff physician at the Cincinnati Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center, found substituting gallium for iron would prevent the bacteria from growing.

"All bacteria need iron from their host environment to grow and replicate," said Britigan, coauthor of the study. "Without enough iron, the organism has a much more difficult time forming 'biofilms,' protective skins that form around colonies of bacteria and help them maintain chronic infections."

Rather than trying to find a new way to attack and ki ll off bacteria, researchers used gallium, which resembles iron but cannot be used by bacteria, to create an inhospitable environment.

"Cells take up gallium as they would iron and insert it into enzymes," said Britigan. "But when they do this, the enzymes stop working and the bacteria don't grow."

In both cell cultures and in mice, the gallium treatment ki lled bacteria and prevented the formation of biofilms.

Britigan says he believes the use of gallium could be a new way to prevent or treat lung infections, especially in cystic fibrosis patients.

"Treatment of these infections has become more difficult in recent years due to the development of resistance to conventional antibiotics," he said.

Gallium is already FDA approved for treating high calcium levels in cancer patients, and research is under way to determine whether it can be used to fight tuberculosis and other lung infections.

"We already knew it could be used against cancer cells," Britigan said. "But until recently, no one has looked at it as a means for treating bacterial infections. We want to examine possible mechanisms of resistance that could develop in bacteria, extend the animal models to look at possible toxicity if used in humans, and find a better way to administer the drug to humans that would be more convenient and pose less potential for toxicity."
(Last updated on Monday, March 19, 2007, and first posted on Saturday, March 17, 2007)


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I have seen your article, i think it's contains good information about the fight antibiotic-resistant bacteria and health issues. This information will give some guidance and awareness for the people, number of hospitals counte will be increasing day by day, but some only provides the best services.


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Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar - my new discovery

This is interesting and brings up the point that there may be so many natural ways to fight our resident bacteria. I have been doing a lot of research on the effects of raising our bodies pH to an alkaline state and the positive effect it has on disease and bacteria as well as inflammation. My pH always test acid whereas my healthy husband is always alkaline. As we know- bacteria and virus cannot thrive in an alkaline pH. Ironically, Apple Cider Vinegar is one of the best and quickest ways to turn your pH from acid to Alkaline - even though it is acidic and tart tasting. I had pleurisy and an infection two weeks ago and my doc suggested IV's. I just was not ready for that again. I began drinking one tsp of the Braggs brand of organic Apple cider Vinegar in a cup of water - twice a day. I swear - my lung pain is gone and I feel amazingly energized and well. I saw a dramatic change in how I felt, around the 10th day. I suggest everyone with CF try it cuz you have nothing to lose and the studies are there to support this findings. Just my opinion but I am a true believer, now! Shelly Maguire


This is an interesting story. Is this method already spread out to hospitals so that many lung cancer patients will be benefited? I have read numerous studies and discoveries but only a few of them are being put into application. I wonder why. hmmm...


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Well, nice and useful article about the fight antibiotic-resistant bacteria and health issues. Health is wealth for everyone, we need to take care about it, today different people are suffering with the different diseases. But for all diseases main reason is food, without proper maintenance people are eating, so these things are happening.


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FYI Apple Cider Vinegar has many good uses. Although for many, vinegar is a convenient preservative, that pickle or pickled veggies bring more than an interesting taste. People with CF bloating or death farts can get a liver/gall bladder cleansing with that tablespoon or whatever mixed in your drink with a meal.

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I too would like to see where this one goes. It sounds good?