Problems gaining muscle/strength (with CF)


So I've been weightlifting for the better part of 5-7 years. I've done a fair bit of reading and occasionally worked with a fitness trainer to come up with maybe 4-5 programs over this time. I started out powerlifting (5-3-1 program), some circuit training, and various bodybuilding routines designed for 3x/week. Obviously I've made some improvements but the last few years most weights haven't really increased. I can barely do 4 pull-ups still. I'm in the gym typically 90 minutes doing around 8 different exercises, typically 3-4 sets of 6-10 reps. I generally push myself where I'm struggling or can't do any more by the end of a set. I'm drinking BCAAs during and hydrolyzed whey after, started creatine several months ago. I'm pescatarian but try to get enough protein in most days.

I take ~16 Pertzye enzymes per meal, and seem to deuce more mass than I consume, so my GI system is less than ideal.

Anybody else struggle with getting stronger despite years of effort, and then find a solution?