Problems in the Sun!!!

Mitch Landheer

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In the past 4 years i have started to get this random rash, and little red bumps whenever i go down south into the sun. I was wondering if anyone has experienced this, and can help me find a solution to it. Through my own research i think it is called polymorphous light eruption. The only thing that i am taking currently that could cause light sensitivity is Zithormax. The other drugs im on are: Zenpep, Protonix, HyperSal, Pulmazyomne, ADEKS, and Albuterol.


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Past my mid 20's it seemed for me too that my skin became less tolerable for the sun and/or buildup of salt and leaving it there. Indeed rash and little red bumps.

Putting on some sort of basic cream/lotion at the beginning of the day if you aren't going to be able to wash it off seems to do the trick for me. Also when it comes to exercise.

But antibiotics (as they often have some effects on the skin) and the sun are usually a bad combination.

Being a long haired bearded metalhead/hippie works too. Covers the face and it gives an excuse not to have to be in the sun anyway because no one expects a tanned metalhead.

Edit.: And I notice you have a Dutch last name. (means landlord) Are you an American? How far do you go back for Dutch origins?