ive been thinking about going to go see a psychologist but does it really help?


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It defintely can. They aren't magic and you may or may not find it helpful. I've been several times in my life including currently and find it very helpful, but digging around in my emotions is hard and sometimes painful, but ultimately I think it's worth it for my long term mental health and happiness.
if you're thinking about it do some research for counsellors in your area or ask your CF clinic social worker if they have any recommendations. A lot of insurance plans will cover at least some mental health treatments so talk to your parents and find out what coverage you have. It's certainly worth trying if you're thinking about it!


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I agree with jaimers. I have been to see a psychotherapist on a handful of occasions over the last 10 years, which has really helped to get past something I'm stuck on at the time. Definitely look around for one that appeals to you and possibly specialises in the areas you need.


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I see a therapist in addition to taking an antidepressant. I know some people don't really want to go the med route, as there is a fear of becoming "numb" or feeling something like an addiction to them. For me, however, I use them so I am able to sort through my problems in therapy. Before starting them, my mind was a jumbled mess and I couldn't focus on a thought long enough to try and work it out. I call my antidepressant my "filing system," because all my issues are still there, but I can focus and work through them with my therapist.


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I agree with Jaimers. Some people find therapy helpful, others do not. I personally do not find it helpful based on my current needs. In my world a pill isn't going to magically make sadness go away. Again, just my personal experience. A good therapist is hard to find. I've been to at least 4-5 different people. The least you can do is try it out and see for yourself. If you don't like it after the first few meetings then don't go back. No one is making you. However, based on another thread you posted you said you haven't been compliant with treatments. A therapist is not going to make you take meds and do treatments. You have to do that on your own. If you're leaning more towards emotional support then therapy could be helpful. Hugs to you,


It can help. I've seen one off and on for years. I'll go for periods where I dont feel the need. Other times, like CF itself , things can take a turn where I can use some extra help. Sometimes its good just to be able to talk it out with someone who's not a family member or close friend. I do think it can also help you want to be more compliant with treatments. I find it harder to find the motivation to keep up with treatments when I'm in an emotional rut too. Like the others have said maybe try it and see. if it doesn't help stop.


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Yes, it can be very helpful. See one off and on my whole life. Sometimes I'll go a decade w/o, then hit a rougher stretch and see one for a few months. Whatever works for you! But you have to find a GOOD one. Talk to friends, family, etc. Word gets round. If they dont have a bit of a waiting list, find out WHY. (ie, just moved to the area). The good ones usually take a bit of wrangling to manage an appt (or a personal referral from a friend).


I as well have used both therapy and medications, on and off abt 20yrs now maybe less? I find them both helpful I suffer with bad anxiety and stress. I believe it is always helpful to have someone to talk to outside of friends and family circle, esp. if any of the issues involve these people. Also living life as a sickly person weighs heavy on me at times. So I'm for it as well.