Puritan's Pride 3-for-1 vitamin/supplement sale


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<a target=new class=ftalternatingbarlinklarge href="http://www.puritan.com/">Puritan's Pride</a>, a major vitamin manufacturer, is having a sale on their website--order any vitamin or supplement, and get <b>TWO FREE BOTTLES</b> of the same thing. That's a fairly hefty savings, if you think about it; for instance, you can get 300 softgels of 400 IU <a target=new class=ftalternatingbarlinklarge href="http://www.puritan.com/pages/Categories.asp?xs=C762A7708E76484FB41F2108E4B7786B&CID=103">Vitamin E</a> (which can retail for as little as 15 bucks, or as much as $50) for the cost of 100 softgels (i.e., 5-14 bucks, depending on variety). Ditto for multivitamins, calcium, iron (which I'm on for some anemia), and so on! As patients with Cystic Fibrosis, we pop all these supplements like candy, so you might do well to stock up at this discounted rate (it's good until September 7, 2005, so no hurries if you don't get to it right now). Puritan's Pride has a pretty good selection, and I believe I've seen it in retail stores like Eckerd and Walgreens, so it doesn't appear that they're a no-name, generic, craptacular brand.

Ever the cheapskate, I noticed the "enter promotional code" field on their Checkout page, and googled "Puritan's Pride coupon" in hopes of finding an <i>even bigger</i> discount. Alas, I didn't find any immediately-available online coupons, but did see a coupon for $5 off your first purchase (printed in their real-world catalog), which you can request--for free, of course--from <a target=new class=ftalternatingbarlinklarge href="http://www.shopathome.com/(xygq4nmngsb1om45t03ieeyo)/View.aspx?SKU=7617">ShopAtHome</a>. It will take a few days to arrive, but should still get there before the Puritan's Pride offer expires, so you could probably stack the discounts. With their shipping (in the US) only about $4, that works out to a nice bonus on top of the already low price.

Hope this helps someone. Now go treat someone you love to a movie, or dinner, with the small bit of money you saved, courtesy of "that guy on the Internet whining about a lung transplant." :)


<b>P.S.</b> I also posted this, as well as more gratuitous updates on me, to my blog at <a target=new class=ftalternatingbarlinklarge href="http://www.save-allan.org/wpblog/">Save-Allan.org</a> (which is where you can check out the aforementioned whining).