Q+A Adult with CF


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Hello all!

My name is Sarah, I'm 31. My husband, Dave, also 31, has CF. We put together a video last year about Dave's journey for the CF Great Strides walk to help raise awareness for the disease. (https://youtu.be/iri9hHC4yYI) After posting it, I got a lot of questions sent my way. I thought as an update video this year I would do a little research and try and ask for specific questions that people would like answered or topics that you would like touched on. Our hope is to give younger people, or families, hope with knowledge. Is there anything that any of you would want answered from an adult with CF's perspective? Anything that you think other people would be interested to know? Any and all questions and suggestions are welcome. Thank you in advance and i'll be sure to post the video when we're done :) thanks and take care <3