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Yeah I heard back late this afternoon from the doctors office. She asked the doctor and said that the test is fairly expensive and she doubted insurance would want to cover it! I asked her why when my other son has CF, it only seems logical!? She said I could call the insurance company and find out so I asked her the medical code and name of the test but she said she wasn't sure! I swear. This town is really backwards. Always has been. Anyways, I'm just going to call the insurance company tomorrow and ask if a full gene sequencing test would be covered. I have often wondered if he was a carrier or not but assumed he is.


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Noon no...don't ask for full sequencing. That won't be covered. Tell them his girlfriend is pregnant and your other son has cf and you want a blood test for the basic cf panel for simply the df508 mutation. That's all you need.
Oh! Sorry!:eek: Maybe that's why she thought it would be expensive. I will ask that tomorrow. You wouldn't think that would be too much. His girlfriend probably doesn't carry the cf gene but I have come to realize things you think won't happen- do - and things you think will happen - don't. Thank you aboveall!
Aboveall: I called to clarify my request but the doctors office said we could not just test for that mutation. She said they could test called a 32 mutation DNA analysis. I called my insurance and they said it would be covered 100% because of the pregnancy and because of a history of CF in our family - as long as it was in network. I called the doctors office back and set it up but she said they have to first work on putting that test into their system so as soon as that gets done, she will set up a time. I appreciate your help!


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All very true in my experience. My wife and I are both carriers - our daughter has CF, our son is not even a carrier - and neither of us has ever suffered from a gut-related disease. Back in the 1960s I was on location in southern Spain. The whole crew came down with the "Almerian trot" - as diarrhea was euphemistically called - except me. I've never suffered from any sort of food poisoning either, despite having eaten some pretty dodgy stuff!
For those who seek a Biblical explanation, check out Ecclesiastes: "Time and chance govern all." Even Darwin never expressed evolution quite so succinctly...


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I hope you get the testing needed for your son so that you get peace of mind about your grandchild. Even if the results are positive, it will be good to know as early as possible so your son and girlfriend can be prepared.

Best wishes.
Thank you Melissa. I set that up for my younger son but he started a different job and doesn't want to take off as he is not allowed any time for quite awhile. The doctors office has the test in their system now but just need my son to go there during hours they are open. I never thought of myself as a grandma but I know it is a huge blessing. They ran a test on his girlfriend but it was just a 32 mutation analysis too. I seriously doubt she is a carrier though so I know I probably worried for no reason. Thank you though!


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It is good that the doctor has the test ordered and ready if needed. Hopefully the baby is born healthy and you can just enjoy him/her. My kids are in high school so I have some time before I become a grandma but from what I have heard it is a very nice experience.