Question on residual function


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Can someone tell me how to find out which mutations are considered residual function? I saw where vertex is doing a new study on one df508 and one with a residual function. My kids have a class I mutation and a df508. Thanks.


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Vertex listed several in its phase 2 kalydeco study. If you post the mutation ill see what info I can find. The cftr webpage out of John Hopkins might help as well. Also do you know if they are ps and the sweat levels? I don't know if some class 1 are resiudal function or not.


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More later, but found this:
It doesn't look like it is a listed mutation. I don't understand enough of the Class 1, but my thought is depending on where the "stop" or "splice" happens there is residual function or not.
I do know the study for 661 will include an arm for other heteros.
I'll do more research after "school" (I homeschool) to see if I can find anything also out on that specific mutation.