Questions about Homeschooling?



Im thinking of being homeschooled but I have a few questions. Will I lose my permit? What classes can I take? Is it better to do by book or online? Will UNC Chapel Hill still accept me? Below are the classes I was going to take. Let me know if I can still take these.

French 2,3,4,AP

Animal Science 1,2

Equine Science 1,2

American Indain Studies

AP European History

AP Psychology


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I did homeschooling all of high school, I did a combination of bookwork and online courses. LOTS of reading! You would have to ask who you are taking the classes through about those specific classes. Some classes I wanted to take were not available to take on the computer through my school. Colleges should still accept you as long as you are getting actual grades and are not on a pass/fail system. I think they look more at your ACT's and other college testing more than high school grades.