Respite home care for Cf patiemts and families

Robert Faint

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Hi guys,

I am wondering if A: anyone has ever thought of the possible provision of a respite service for CF families. B: what would be the projected interest in a service of this type? C: I would really like to get this type of service for the CF patients and their families, in order to allow, specifically the single parents to get back to work , allowing them to better provide for their families and this afford the medications, equipment etc and stave off the crippling depression that alot suffer.


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I must be blind. I never noticed the thumbs up before. I guess I speed read too much. I was even reading a post the other day and thought, "I wish there was a like button" I tried to give a thumbs up too, and it turned into a red thumbs down.

Great idea! The one concern I would have is that if helpers serviced more than one CF family, that they would receive proper training so that they don't carry germs from one household to the next.