Right Heart Catheterization


So I have to get all the invasive testing out of the way for my transplant stuff. While really I'm still not sick enough to be listed, my transplant doctor wants this information for my chart for a baseline type of thing. This test however, has me beyond nervous. I have no idea what to expect and not sure how painful it will be. I'm having this done at Cleveland Clinic. For those who have been through this, or have had it done at Cleveland Clinic, can you please give me some insight and tips so I know what to expect.


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Better to get it all done now rather than later when you are feeling even worse. The heart cath, in my experience, was no problem whatsoever. My insertion site was in my groin, so they shaved half of my pubic hair. Yes, HALF. *snicker* I guess there's a first time for everything. I was sedated for the procedure, but awake enough to follow along and ask about the numbers and what they were doing. It was actually pretty neat. Absolutely no pain during the procedure, and the tiny 0.75 cm incision site healed quickly. You do have to keep pressure on it and take good care of it for a couple of days until its totally healed. Make sure you follow all of the recommendations for stopping medication, not eating beforehand, etc. I had mine done at Duke and they were awesome.