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I wan to start running but I don't know how long and how often I should. I don't want to over do it. Also is running outside or on the treadmill better?

16 w/CF


Hey Applegirl,

Welcome to the awesome world of running! IF you do it consistently, it will open up a whole new world for you and it's a great way to be proactive w. your CF.

I personally prefer outside, but really either works if you are consistent. I would start 2 to 3 times a week for 20 to 30 minutes and work your way up from there. I personally go every day only because it is such a good way to be proactive w. my CF but you have to work up to that. I promise it will do nothing but good for you!


This is a bit late of course because I don't get in here as much as I would like. Some things to think about (at your young age):
1)Running out of doors is a good place for airway clearance if the route permits coughing (you should expect to loosen a lot of mucus).
2) Be sure to stretch before and after you run to prevent injuries to your feet, leg, or torso muscles. Paradoxically stretching warms you up and cools you down.
3) If you are not athletic, you may do well monitoring your heart rate and keeping it below 140 beats per minute (bpm) and go for at least 20-30 minutes 3-4 times a week and progress to "daily". Once comfortable with 30, go to 40 minutes. When comfortable run a little faster and try to get to 150 bpm (your "technical" 80% max rate could be 160). Your distance will of course have to increase as you go longer and faster so plan a route permitting longer distances without ending up too far from your starting point.
4) talk to Jerry Cahill if you know him (or get to know him).
5)Developing a running regimen at your age will provide tremendous advantage to your success.

More questions: contact me.


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Hey Applegirl. I guess there was glitch with me signing in. My wife uses my computer when she is in the house. Anyway that's my post about exercising.
Hope you have already started.


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Thanks peter
i haven't started running/jogging yet cause i've had a really bad sinus infection for the past like two months that just hasn't wanted to go away and it's just now starting to clear up, so i didn't want to start when i was feeling crummy. hopefully by new years i can start. again thank you for the advice.


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go to and search for "running program" or something along those lines. or email ronnie. one of his entries from earlier this year has a running program from someone maybe, saveferris-I think she has the no excuses blog, anyways...

this is how I introduced myself to running... I modified it by doing the "routine" for two weeks instead of one, but then had finals and fevers and other stuff so only did two weeks of the first set of cardio.

Also, outside in summer is nice obviously, it snows in winter so not an option b/c breathig cold air deep can get you sick.

If you run on a treadmill, make sure to incline at least to a 1 b/c its more like running outside on pavement where you have to push off instead of having the treadmill move your legs for you...thats why when people transition from treadmilll to outside its harder.


I recommend ... I started 5kms this summer and have moved to HMs! Lots of details, injury support, and workout plans! regular runners do anywhere from 3x a week to 6 days a week. Remember 80% of fitness is nutrition!


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Hi AppealGirl,
My advice for you is to start with running program, set realistic goals and keep a running log to measure your progress.Running is best exercise to lose weight


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Start slow. When I began just over a year ago, i could not run a mile. I couldn't run 400 yards.
but you keep at it, build slowly..Tomorrow I have my 2nd half marathon and 5th race overall!


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Running is great as is all athletic endeavors when it comes to CF. Treadmill work doesn't do it for me because I overheat easily. Weather in most places isn't perfect and this justifies a treadmill. I would suggest a gym trial or such to see if treadmill exercise is worth spending money on.

I tried running but found my mojo on a bike.



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I suggest you use a treadmill, because I think better than you jog outdoors, or if you're looking for a treadmill, you can visit Amazon to see the best brand


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It kind of depends on what your baseline is at the moment, in terms of starting up. If you have medicaid or a decent HMO, your pediatrician can write for a PT evaluation. The therapist will determine your overall fitness and can take it from there, in terms of writing up a program.


Running is good for the health jakari. If you can not get time for the proper exercise. We should start jogging. We can spend easily 30 minutes for the this. It will keep our body active and we can stay fit.


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I've recently started an intense 6 days a week/2 hours a day work out plan with cardio and weight lifting. It helps a lot that my husband was an Army Drill Sergeant and sport medicine major and he recommended I try some supplements. I trust him but I'm also cautious so I researched some things. Right now I take MRI beta charge a half hour before a work out, MRI EO2 Edge during and Cellucor Alpha Amino after. They don't have any crazy testosterone boosting herbs or weird stuff, it's mainly just blends of vitamins, electrolytes and animo acids. Still though, too much of a good thing can be a bad thing so I researched it and found the CF Foundation recommends people with CF get more antioxidants (the kinds that I found in these supplements) because it builds up this stuff in the body, particularly the lungs, that people with CF have less of. I know I'm not being very specific, sorry, if you check out the nutrition section at the website it'll have specifics. Anyway, before when I would try to get into shape I was in agony for days after work outs (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) and I couldn't seem to work out consistently. This time around it's going amazingly well. Now, I'm not a doctor, I'm not recommending these particular supplements, but I just wanted to share and ask if anyone else has had any experience with work out supplements? Oh, also for gaining weight I found a website that sells protein powders of all kinds- I mean vegan, Paleo, regular whey, all kinds! I tried the egg white protein powder, I can't even taste it in smoothies! :) You can also custom order supplement blends from them which is pretty cool.


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I use the 'Couch to 5k' program. It is a three times a week program (I do Monday, Wednesday, Friday) that SLOWLY works to build you up to being comfortable and healthy running.
It takes 9 weeks and is very specific for each day. It's incredibly simple to start, and by the end of the 9 weeks you are running about 3 miles a day easily.

There are tons of different apps for iPhone and Android that walk (or run) you through the program easily. So if you're on a treadmill you can just put it on the treadmill, or if you're listening to music on your phone it'll just pause the music and alert you that it's time to stop running and start walking. Mine even has a halfway market you can enable where it says "It's time to turn around" if you're walking outside.

I like to run on a treadmill because... I honestly hate running, but it's really good for my body. So on a treadmill I can set my iPad on the treadmill and watch Hulu or Netflix or work related tutorial videos while I'm running, it sort of takes my mind off of the 'not fun' part of exercising.


Running has a tremendous affect on your health when it comes to making your physique better in all ways,Especially the lower body it has an awesome impact strengthens the body and takes the stamina to the next level i am liking it a lot.