sats become lower AFTER exercise and don't return


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I use oxygen and i use a higher flow for when exercising.

Recently I've been assessed so everything is right for me etc

The issue im having is I was feeling great so decided to start exercising after a long long time of doing nothing more than sit on the sofa as now i have the right o2 flow to use when exercising whereas before i didnt

The first day i just did 5 min light walk on the treadmill

all was fine

Same with the second day for longer

But obviously i want to make a difference quicker and actually workout properly so decided to go for a quick walk to the point where my heart was beating quick at 150 and i couldn't walk much more as i was out of breath etc my sats where still around 90 as i never let them get too low so all was well and i felt great as it was a testing workout

However after my sats never returned to what they were before i started as if my body hadn't recovered

Its been two days now and still hasnt got better and my sats are like ten percent lower than what they should be when idle and its harder to breathe on the same level of o2 and obviously when moving gets even worse

Any ideas what's happening as this is so annoying as I'm supposed to exercise properly to help matters but it makes it worse and stops me from doing it. So now im back to sitting on the sofa hoping the sats rise


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It's possible that the increased airflow of exercise and coughing increases sputum production itself? Faster breathing does increase mucus production somewhat which makes sense as the body's reaction to keep everything lubricated. That and you might simply be tired of breathing and coughing itself? After a heavy workout breathing is harder and a conscious effort for me as the muscles responsible for breathing are just shot at that point. When really tired and not paying attention my breathing slows and my sats drop. Same with coughing and I can't quite cough with the same power for a little while.

That said nothing comes close to loosening up gunk quite like exercise and it might be possible you have to "get through this" and keep at it for it to improve. Not very useful advice but not exercising out of fear of sats dropping sounds like a very downward spiral. But maybe someone else has a better idea of why it's happening.


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This is the thing

I cleared crazy amounts due to exercising even the light exercise which is why i went on to really push it the next day

It did make me very tired and cough loads even through thr night but im just worried that if i jump on the treadmill again today and lets say it goes down again then it'll be into dangerously low levels

I am tempted to push through and keep exercising but if it drops anymore (as it doesn't seem to be recovering) then I'm screwed


Have you ever done a cardiac stress test--walk on treadmill with heart monitoring? This could help determine how you should exercise and push yourself. Your target heart rate may be lower than you think. Lung disease puts a lot of stress on the heart and can cause things like pulmonary hypertension.

I went down the rabbit hole of cardiac testing maybe 1.5 yrs ago. I was getting (and still do get) dramatic head rushes when I go from sitting to standing, all day long after I do hard exercise in the morning. After I fainted one day, I made an appt and one abnormality led to another until a bunch of tests later, I was declared fine. :)

Anyway, the influence that exercise has on my blood pressure is pretty dramatic, and I think your low sats warrant some cardiac eval if you haven't already done this stuff.