seeking Electro-flo 5000 precussor


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If anyone has a used Electro-flo, as the title says I am looking for one. It is not covered by my insurance.

Thanks much!


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Just to update anyone who might be interested in this: I did find a work around. I purchased a Fluid Flo from med systems. It is basically the same device, but about 1/5 the price. The catch is that it needs to work with an air compressor at 50 psi. So, I bought a HULK quiet 6 gallon air compressor, and presto I have a working system for much less money.

Nevertheless, I'd still be interested in getting an Electro-flo cheaply if someone had one lying around, as the fluid flo + air compressor cannot be used when traveling.

Also note: someone is selling one now on ebay, but when I asked questions about it (how old it was, why it was being sold, is it still under warranty) I got no answers, and the individual has no feedbacks. So that does not look like a good avenue to pursue.

Oh also I love love love my percussor!


Electro Flo

I'm not sure how much you had to pay for the 50psi compressor, but did you know that they will allow you to purchase the ElectroFlo with a payment plan? I'm paying mine off in a year, about $250 monthly. It's not cheap, but I find it worth it to have a portable airway clearace for when I travel. I used to bring my A Capella, but I was not very consistent with using it.

I just finished paying for my kid's braces, which was about the same price, so I just swapped out the expenses. The Fluid Flo doesn't look bad, but I like that the Electro Flo has a hands free strap so you can access your back without someone to help.

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The air compressor was about $150, so not so bad. The issue is that it can be rather loud and it is large. How loud is the electro flo 500?

Clarence Woo

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Hello Fel,

I know this is a bit late. but did you ever find your electro flo? I do have one that is in great condition. Please let me know if you still need. Thanks