Smoking Marijuana to breathe easier


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So about a month ago I got my official notice from the state saying I'm a legal Medical Marijuana User registered in the MM Registry. There are many times that I smoke Marijuana just so I can breathe easier, I notice that it is exactly like my Inhaler. I know what you're thinking about the smoking part, well when I have the money, i plan on either making Edibles or getting a Vaporizer in place of smoking. But for now, the safest thing that I currently do is I smoke out of a water pipe, and instead of the Marijuana holder (bowl), I use a triple filtered pipe (I put 3, tiny metal mesh filters in the pipe). So the place the bowl would go, I just put my filtered pipe in. Does Marijuana naturally act as a bronchiodilator? Does any other CFer here use MM?


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I know the effect you're talking about. MM and its smoke cause some dilation of the airways as does albuterol in your inhaler. You have also smoked tobacco products and may have experienced that same dilation, or a feeling that breathing is easier. Albuterol is part amphetamine and part steroid in effect. The psychoactive drugs in MM usually starts with a stimulant effect, causing increased heart rate and minor agitation that compares to the post albuterol jitters.

New York city or State, I missed that detail, is about to pass no smoking MM legislation. What? Yep, patients can buy edibles and oils for vaporizing marijuana extracts. It is a no weed law where everything in pot is legal but no bud or joints to smoke. I anticipate that this will be adopted by most MM States. F.Y.I.

Stay with me here, I'm not going into a lecture on smoking, you will be switching as soon as possible and I respect that.

Although I have never smoked tobacco, I grew up in a time and place where virtually everybody smoked. It wasn't so much a decision to smoke, rather at what age should one start smoking. In pre-dishwasher days, my brother and I were the dishwasher (s). The last items to be washed and dried were the ashtrays, yuck, Ick, Ooh, Wow that was revolting!!! Hence I never tried smoking. The scientist in me was observing smoking behavior at a very young age. My parents were pack-a-day smokers, and smoking was definitely harder on my father. This is somewhat amazing because he had undiagnosed CF.

It was apparent that one of the perceived needs for that first cigarette of the day was to loosen up the lungs. A smoker wakes with a little cough, lights up and it's hacking and coughing up whatever moved out of the lungs during sleep. What is it in smoking tobacco or pot that seems to improve our depth of breathing? Tobacco products have an insidious cocktail of additives like PEG and sugars that act like a lung lotion, softening and keeping the lungs pliant.

Anybody who has even seen pot smoking imitated by actors, it looks pretty contradictory. At once performing a smoking ritual, alternating with gut wrenching coughing spasms. Then someone says " that was some great....." and everybody agrees. Stereotypes aside, the irritants in MM smoke are substantial compared to vaporized MM. Who knows, this coughing could be better than when you nebulize. It's a thought. Another factor with smoke could be the high temperature and zero humidity. This will dry up your mucus. I imagine that may feel pretty good but there's payback when that desiccated mucus needs to be loosened up by extra nebulizing.

This is just my best guess on what's going on. If you're saving for a vaporizer, I doubt the amount of MM you can afford poses a significant health risk. The trend is toward pen type vaporizers. After several false starts, it's coming down to pens with MM cartridges and pens you dab MM oil on a tiny cupped plate that doesn't tie you to a single supplier of cartridges. One pen is clean, simple and discreet. The other pen requires dabbing which is time consuming, conspicuous and some suppliers package the MM oil in syringes. Although they are not supplied with needles, they are medical syringes and a little creepy looking for an otherwise ideal dabber. Follow through with some choice of vaporizer because I am certain you'll have even better results.

I'm glad to hear you are breathing easier. You sound far less anxious too, hopefully a benefit of MM.