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I'm sorry. I'm sure it's gotta be hard watching your child sick. I'm still in the sit and wait stage, just wanting to find out if my son even has it, and I'm about to lose my mind! I do feel a little better now that he's got some medicine that's been helping. Before, I was struggling with him waking up sick every day and not knowing what to do to help him. It's tough being a parent and watching your child hurt. Just know you're not the only one going through it, and just enjoy the good days!


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As a son with CF, I can only share with you my thoughts about MY mom.

The strength and determination CF moms have to take care of their kids is absolutely incredible. You give us strength when we need it most and I can honestly tell you that the ONLY reason I am a 'healthy' young adult who contributes to society is because of the strength, determination and never-ending spirit I have seen in my mother. All the hospital visits and the hours of care taught me what you do for family. More importantly, the hours of love that I was giving (and still am) by my mom are a daily reminder and daily encouragement to do my treatments, take my medication, keep in shape, and know that my fight is not only mine, but also hers. Now, I am old enough to take care of her and I feel honored and extraordinarily lucky to be able to do so. She is an incredible woman, as I am sure you are. With todays advances in medicine, I sincerely hope your son has as good a life as I have already, and more.

You can do this. So can he.


My parents, my whole 32 years of life, are always saying that if they could take my CF from me so they have it, they would. I always respond the say way, "I wouldn't give it to you". There is nothing in this world that would make me give my CF to someone else. I know that sounds crazy, but having CF has made me strong, a warrior, more caring, understanding, and has given me a great sense of humor. I wouldn't want anyone else in this world to have it but me. I wouldn't want anyone else to experience what I go though. They would without a doubt fail the instant they got it if I traded. It sucks sometimes to have it but like I always say, "it helps that I don't know any other way." My parents and family have been a solid rock of support for me and have given me the extra push I've needed to keep fighting and keep laughing through all the shit that it brings.

So the way we compromise through this is through inspiration. They inspire me to keep fighting through their love and support and I inspire them to become stronger individuals in their own lives. Whenever they think they can't do something, they think about me, and push forward. The think about their own battles, compare them with mine, and realize what they might think is difficult isn't worth complaining over. That always gives them the determination to push forward and easily deal with whatever is in their way. Our love and support for each other I think is strengthened by my CF. We take one day at a time, acknowledge when something sucks, remind each other of our strengths, and fight on together.

I know it's difficult for parents to watch their child struggle with CF, but the important thing is to focus on the positives of things. There are so many amazing things happening in the world of CF and our futures are bright. Your son will strengthen you and you should marvel at all his accomplishments and his own strength. Also take the time to talk to a social worker or someone when you're stressed or feel helpless. CF is a fight that needs to be done TOGETHER. The more people on your team the better. You CAN do this, know and believe you can!