Sweaty hands!


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wondering if anyone else out there is having the same problems as me!
Iv always had clammy hot hands but recently they've gotten really bad!
They get really really sweaty I can see the wetness on them and its getting really annoying
because I play guitar and piano and its not so easy with wet hands!
There super salty also!

My doctors have told me theres not much i can do and that its just common with CF but im determined to find something to help.
Iv tried a strong antiperspirant which is used for treating hyperhydrosis (excessive sweating) but it hasnt helped. I dont sweat this much anywhere else.
Has anyone else had this problem and have you found anything that has helped?
Thanks so much :D


I have the exact same problem! Its a very common thing in people with CF, especially because were so salty too. I can't even hold my boyfriends hand for 5 minutes without it feeling like ive just put it in a bath for 5 minutes. :( Also on my laptop, where the palm of my hands rest is always wet if i've left them there for a while. Just another thing us CF's have too live with... -_-

Its just a common thing sweetie, i've got it, we've all got it, your not alone :)


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My husband (no CF) had an Acoustic Neuroma, lots of nerve damage in other parts of his body because it lies on the brain stem. One problem that started was very sweaty hands. He discovered this device that helps (Drionic). Its basically a low voltage current that travels through water, and he "soaks" his hands for about an hour (usually while watching a movie, drink with a straw nearby) about every 6 weeks. It really helps- I can tell a difference. Looks like it runs about $200 now. Here's the link. http://www.drionic.com/products/drionic-hand-and-foot-device


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My sweaty hands weren’t associated with CF since most of my life doctors never thought to test for CF. I wish I had some reason to explain my soaking wet hands then because everybody noticed them, often with less than pleasant reactions.

CFers with sweaty hands make lousy criminals as we etch our prints into practically every metal surface or deposit exemplar fingerprints on other surfaces. When I would borrow the family car as a teen one rule was for me to wipe down the steering wheel when I got home. My sweaty deposit on the steering wheel was so bad that it was obvious to the next person who gripped the wheel if I had forgotten to wipe it down. I can go a couple days now, but I still have to constantly clean surfaces where my hands frequent.

This may be common as well, but watches and watch bands illustrate the acidic nature of our sweat. A watch band that should last years is good if I get three months out of it. Each week instead of picking lint out of my belly button, I scrape salt or whatever out of the crevices on the bottom and top of the watch body.

If you want a cure for sweaty palms,look at other suggestions. I can only say I understand this isn’t a trivial issue. It’s worth some thought.



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I never knew this was normal for CFers cause I'm the same way.

Both my feet and hands are drenched in sweats after an hour of just having them on (maybe a tad over dramatised lol). But yeah my hands have even started to sweat when it was cold outside, and one weird thing I experience is my feet sometimes sweat when they're cold!? Like, my feet will be cold yet they're all sweaty. It's weird.