Testosterone Replacement Therapy


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I wanna talk to my primary doctor about testosterone replacement therapy. But I have a few concerns, I'm turning 19 in 2 months and I started puberty late and what I wanna know is will testosterone still deepen my voice this late? Also, is the injectable version the same as the cream or deodorant version? I fear needles as big as you need for testosterone and the thick gel you must inject. I'm not scared of needles, just the thickness of the syrup and the needle


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Enzo2311, I was wondering if you have had blood work done to find out what your testosterone level is? My son just recently had his level tested due to a recent diagnosis of osteoporosis. There is a huge range of what is considered normal. I am doubting your doctor will prescribe any of these things unless your level is low.


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From all indications Enzo has low testosterone levels and his level should be close to the maximum value at 19. All patients are tested prior prescribing testosterone and are periodically monitored. A value of 1200 is the normal maximum but the natural maximum can be nearly doubled during puberty so there is cautious latitude.

You get used to any delivery method. The 1.62% Androgel is popular and less fuss than the voluminous 1% Androgel. Testem is a clear cream that must be rubbed in. The needle is huge although I've used smaller 23 gauge needles. The injection is every two weeks so it's not that often you endure a stick. Injected testosterone is dissolved in cotton seed oil so that's your thick solution. Warm it to body temperature and it goes in easier. The under arm stuff is newer and my insurance won't cover it. If your insurance covers it, rumor is it's the easiest delivery yet.