Tricare CF Dietician Coverage assistance


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I would greatly appreciate if any one has any recommendations or information about Tricare coverage for specialized CF dieticians. Currently, we have several pediatric patients that are referred outside of our military clinic and receive their CF care at specialized pediatric hospitals for their routine Pulmonology visits. However, these children have been unable to receive specialized dietician consults along with their CF team visits because Tricare will not cover the services stating that the children can receive dietary consults with the dieticians on-post. However, as I am sure you all agree, CF dieticians are very specialized and knowledgeable of this disease and can provide additional services and education perhaps outside the scope of a regular dietician.

Therefore, has any one been able to receive CF dietician services under Tricare, and if so, do you know which CPT or ICD-9 codes and verbage was used in order to get the referral approved?

Thank you very much.