Urgent Insurance decision

I have *finally* been able to secure real CF testing and it is taking place in mid-october.

Apparently having finally made it past the original pre-existing clause for not having insurace prior..we are now back at open enrollment <ahhh>. We got almost no warning on this and I need to decide *today* whether to stay with the PPO which has gone up in price or switch to th PPO/HSA plan.

The HSA is probably the better plan for me long term...but I'm not sure about whil geting tests run...but if I switch that means a new application. How do I not screw this up? I hate insurance....would have had "official" answers a long time ago if not for US healthinsurance woes.

Its terrifying enough to *finally* get testing once and for all the last thing I need is more insurance hell.

Why couldn't they have give us more then one day warning <sigh>.


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You don't really say enough to know what plan is better, but from what your wrote, if the only benefit to PPH/HSA plan is "long term" then it would seem that short term--this year--stick with PPO. And then next open enrollment switch. Not sure why a 1 day window--most open enrollment time periods are much longer and then you can do more research. Good luck.


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It's very unclear what your options are and what you are asking us to help you with. Can you elaborate a bit?


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Call the Social Worker at your CF Hospital. He/She either will help you or put you in touch with a person on staff who will.
I decided to stay with the PPO for this year...there just was not time to do any real research. Unfortunately th company had our annual benefits meeting after the date on which we are supposed to make our decisions. We had the meeting Friday and had to decide Monday. I should have thought of asking you folks Friday but I didn't. As for why the company waited that long I don't know.

Just cross your fingers that the end of limbo is around the corner (next week is my sweat test and consult with pulmonary)...I know the odds of them needing genetic tests are high but occam's razor has been pointing to CF for so long that just knowing for sure will be a relief. That and it will be so much easier to stay healthy with a lot more of the right tools.