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The cf clinic called and said my oldest DD's vit D is low and she should now take two source CF's. She is already taking one source cf, 1 vit D3 2,000 IU's, faxseed, garlic, fish oil, and vit C. I told her she was supposed to take a second source CF and she groaned. So now I'm in search of better ways to get this under control. I guess part of me is just frusterated that instead of trying to help us find better food's the clinics are quick to push pills. Well there is no guarantee the pills are even worth the money that is spent on them. So we're just shoving random stuff in their bodies hoping it works?
We have removed gluten, red meat and sugar from our diets. She eats TONs of eggs. If she eats anymore I think she will turn into a chicken herself. <img title="Wink" src="include/wysiwyg/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-wink.gif" alt="Wink" border="0" /> She will drink tea, infact she LOVES teas. Her breakfast is two eggs and artichoke heart omelet it's become her favorite meal lately. We expose her to as much sun as possible but some of her medications make her more sensitve to the sun. Plus we live in the north west, lately not alot of sun around. We're not big fish eaters. In fact the only fish I like is halibut deep fried in beer batter. Not to mention it's expensive!
I have been looking for differentteas and herbsthat would possibly help her. So I was curious if anyone here had any they used that helped with CF issues.
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The amount of tea she is drinking could be a reason she is needing more vit D. Tea is good, but it also can cause the body to not abosorb vitamins to their full potential as well.


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Not to mention green tea (not 100% on black) has caffeine in it (natural, but still bad for us), which can force the body to expel water more then it should, causing hydration issues in a CF body.

Honestly tho, I take vitamins every day. I take 5,000 IU of D, and 500mgs of C, and 325mgs of Iron. Way more then you'll find in what you can feed your daughter daily, and I find that it helps SO much. Like, night and day differences in how often I get sick.

So I personally wouldn't say that the docs are "pushing pills" on you at all. Imo, everyone should take C and D daily. Even the medical world is starting to realize that a normal human body just flat out needs far more C and D then it gets daily from nutrition (especially females). :/


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Stop playing with her diet. Go to your CF Center and meet with the CF Dietiatian and get her on a diet that would most benefit her. Including 2 CF Source every day.



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Feed her what she wants to eat. If she wants, craves red meat then she should get it. DS isn't a big meat eater, but likes turkey. He eats peanuts or almonds daily, but in moderation due to issues with DIOS in the past. DS has been on two source CF since he was 2 or 3 and his Vitamin D levels have been good. He prefers the chewables. He's also on supplemental A, E and K based on his doctors recommendations. He gets carnation instant breakfast made with whole milk and cream with his breakfast and supper. At school he eats hot lunch.

He's also on antibiotics which make him sensitive to the sun. He's outside everyday for several hours each day at his daycare. He uses sunscreen, stays hydrated with water and has his own salt shaker. He's never gotten a sunburn.
The chewable bubble gum flavor source cf pill isn't too bad, my son stopped complaining when he got to choose the flavor. We also take extra D (my kid AND me). I agree with Bill, work with the CF dietician, they can be a great source of help. The vitamins ADEK aren't absorbed well, so make sure you're also taking the vitamins with enzymes (at mealtimes works for us).


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Have you asked if you can just up the Vitamin D instead of all of the vitamins? (We had trouble upping the CF vitamins because one of his vitamins was too low while a different one (Vitamin E) was off-the-charts too high.) There's a liquid vitamin (used for breastfed babies usually, but you could ask if it's something you could use) called D-Vi-Sol that smells like cherry candy, or maybe you could just use a Vitamin D pill. (I also remembering hearing you're supposed to take Vitamin D with calcium, but I cannot remember if that's to get the Vitamin D to absorb better or the calcium... something to ask your clinic, too.)

The problem with just using food to up your vitamins is that a lot of our food (even "healthy" foods like fresh fruits and veggies and those marked organic) are actually vitamin-deficient because of environmental issues and things like that. So you could be eating all the "right" things and still not be getting enough nutrients, especially when there's an absorption issue to begin with.


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Vitamins are most essential things for our healthy body, taking food is not an important issue but, taking healthy and which having vitamins and proteins food is the major consideration things. So we have to do the diet in natural ways only.


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Hi-I hate to hijak this post, but I am mommy to 4 kids, all with cf and was wondering if your three all had the same mutations, like mine do, and if they are the classic mutations, or "mild".

I hope your are able to get the vitamin levels where they need to be. Wishing you the best.


I agree with kross10911, tea has a elements that can hinder the absorption of vitamins inside the body. Best is to take it with water as water is neutral.


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Vitamins and proteins are most useful things for all aspects to live healthy life. For living healthy life, we need to take the food, which is having high nutrients, vitamins and proteins. These all things are mostly in fruits, leafy vegetables and sea food etc...