w/ CF! - questions about CFRD and pregnancy


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I am wondering if there is anyone out there with CFRD who has given birth. I'm 18 & in college, but what I want most in of my life is a family. I've always had really good lung health (absolutely healthly enough to have a baby), but what I struggle with is the digestive part - and I have developed CFRD. Since I'm a healthy weight now and plan on maintaining it, can someone give me insight as to how all the diabetes-related aspects can affect a fetus? Can blood sugar changes harm a baby? Does pregnancy complicate the diabetes? etc. etc. Anything you have to offer -thanks!
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Hi masterykonedy, i've known a number of women with cf that have had successful pregnancies with cfrd. there is a large group of cf women on facebook that are pregnant or hope to be at some point. it's a secret group so you wont be able to find it by searching but private message me here and I'd be happy to add you to the group.
Controlling your blood sugar before conception and throughout pregnancy is very much important to have a trouble-free pregnancy and birth of a healthy baby. Babies born to women suffering from diabetes have certain risks like being born larger than average, or with a birth defect. There is also a possibility of baby being born prematurely or even stillborn. These risks can be certainly reduced if you keep your blood sugars under good control. Visit your doctors early and regularly. Monitor your blood sugar levels often.