Wanting to find other teens to talk to with CF.


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My family and friends really don't understand how I feel even though they pretend like they do. I'm Shea, I am 15 and I just want someone to talk to about the emotions and feelings and thoughts that no one else understands. Sometimes it's really hard. And as much as they love and care about me they will never fully get or understand.
Hi Im Kayla. Im 17 and i know what you mean. It sucks having CF. I have never met anyone with it and my family and doctors tell me they understand but they dont. So if you want to talk and compare things just let me know. I would love to talk to you :)


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My name is Margo, 16 and I too would like to talk to some other people with CF. I have seen other people briefly but of course was not allowed to stay and discuss.


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Mine dont either, they try to understand but they cant. Im Ellie, I am 13 and i would be happy to chat with you! My hospital linked m up with another girl that has cf and ive been videoing her on skype and im like best friends with her now and I would love to get close with other people. I found that it really helps having someone to talk to:) hope we'll be in touch with eachother. xxx
I know what you mean. Im 18 about to be 19 in 2 months. Im glad i have my boyfriend cause he helps alot and doesnt have cf but still helps me but i still feel as if im alone and no one understands but i get through it but would love someone to talk to txt and or skype just let me know.
Just messege me and I would love to talk to any of you. My name is Kayla and I am 17 years old with really bad health at the moment but Im not gonna go out that easy!!!!! Just keep saying that and you will go so far!! I WONT GO OUT THAT EASY!!!! Cant wait to talk to you guys!!


Hey, I'm Joey, 20 and more than glad to talk to someone else with CF :) send me a message anytime


Hi, I'm Isabel and I am 16 going on 17 in October. If you ever need to talk feel free to Message me. I reply whenever is needed :)


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Hey Shea, my name is Maddi. I know how you feel it really can be rough and I know that all of our families don't understand how it feels. somethimes I wish the could feel like me just for 1 day but, I'm glad that they know how to help take care of me. If you ever want someone to talk to you can always message me.